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Without doubt, today, much of the innovation arises in the universities environments. Neverthless, many students and particulary Algerian students with some exceptions, cloudn't find an appropriate environment to nurture their core skills (eg. programming), and improve others (leadership, management, etc.).

Much of these skills are often developped in a company or a research lab environment, after graduation. On the other hand, companies lack skillfull and innovative individuals, and are unable to be competitive at an international scale.

With Acigna Academy Program, we aim to bridge the gap between the university and the entreprise world. We are conducting a pilot project, with the Open Source Project VirtUAPI-DZ, for pedagogical resources sharing.

This project is not tied to any commercial objectif. Rather, it should help educating students, that building up an attractive product to a community, can provide them with unexpected opportunities. Even more, a dynamic university environment offer opportunities for everyone : companies, universities and students.

If you are a student, interrested in this pilot project, please contact us. We will pleased receiving your message.